Trayning was the first country town in Western Australia to establish a trotting club. The club was registered in 1917 and began operation in 1923.

The original grandstand was built in 1925 and still graces the racecourse making it one of the oldest in the State. Overlooking the race track, the simple wooden structure has over the decades become a much-loved feature of Trayning.

Following the end of WWI, the Trayning district prospered with more advancements in agricultural equipment, the opening of a local water scheme, the construction of a new hall and of course grandstand at the Trotting club. Life was good. Then came the great depression.

In recent years the grandstand has deteriorated and a move by council to demolish it was met with outrage by community members. A petition to save the grandstand began in 2012 resulted in interest from the KTY Heritage Committee.

In early 2010 a storm blew the roof completely off the grandstand. The restoration of the historic building began in 2015.