As you drive towards Dowerin you will see a strange white object rising up out of a paddock. It’s hard to make it out at first but as you approach at your customary 100km/hr you will soon realise it is an enormous cross. I, like numerous others, I presume,  slowed down and leaned forward against my steering wheel to read the message. Written in big bold letters on both sides are the words  ‘Jesus died for our sins and rose again’. For the rest of the journey to Dowerin, I puzzled over it and wondered what on earth it is doing in a wheat field.

As soon as I had taken my obligatory photo next to Rusty the tin dog I couldn’t help but Google the Dowerin Religious Cross. I was pretty sure it would have its own dedicated web page. Nothing. It wasn’t until I searched Dowerin Jesus Cross did I find a mention of it in a Christian Radio interview. The mystery solved.

Dowerin Jesus Cross

The 10m white cross was the idea of local Christian Paul Croute and his friend. They were given permission from the family who owns the field to erect the cross with the Gospel message. Their hope is that people driving past or visiting Dowerin ( especially on Dowerin Field Days) will see and read it.