Mussolini and King Emmanuel 1923 – A smiling Premier Mussolini and King Alberto Emmanuel at a parade in Italy.

President and Mrs Coolidge 1926 – Photos were taken during a trip President Coolidge made back to his family home at Plymouth, Notch, Vermont during a summer break in 1926.

Captain Carl Graalfs 1926 – Captain Carl Graalfs of the Hamburg-American Liner, West Phalia, rescued the crew of the S.S. Alkaid, a Dutch ship, during violent storms.

Sherrifs Elect 1927 – London, England 16th October 1927 – The two men just admitted to the ancient and honorable office of Sheriff of the City of London, a dignified ranking just below that of the office of Lord Mayor of the City.

Princess Taka 1929 – Most recent photo of newborn Princess Taka (Taka no miya Kazuko), third daughter of Emperor Hirotito taken in Tokyo, Japan.