One of GlobeVista’s ongoing projects (and a labour of love) is the Public Art Around The World website. The site offers a comprehensive guide to statues, sculptures, monuments and memorials from all corners of the globe. Tanya has left no plinth unturned to uncover the stories behind each work, from history to scandals, it’s all there.

Most of the images on the website have been taken during Tanya’s numerous travels, but since the website has gained popularity and readership many artists and general public have kindly added their photos. Even Aidan and Simon have contributed.

The site currently features around 2,000 pieces of public art from around the world, with many, many more yet to be included.

To compliment the public art website we also have a Public Art Around The World Flipboard magazine . The magazine features current news stories (focusing on the quirky) concerning public art and is regularly updated.

Stay tuned for our Public Art YouTube Channel.