Lesson Four

In the last lesson, we looked at what the arms, hands and club do. Now you need to be aware of what your entire body does at the same time. This is called the pivot. To get the right feeling for his pivot, Robert has placed a club across his shoulders.

He then turns his body so that the middle of his back points at the target. At this stage, his weight is over the trail leg. This is the position your body is in when you have finished swinging the club back. It should feel as if you have coiled up like a big spring, ready to unwind through to the finish. When he finishes his pivot Robert’s chest points to the left of the target ( Robert is right-handed; if you are left-handed your chest would point right of the target). His weight is over his target leg and he is balanced on the toe of his trail foot. The golf swing is an easy, continuous motion from start to finish. Study these positions and then put it all together in two flowing movements – back and through.

Erica is showing us a good pivot exercise. Take the ready position with your bottom touching a wall and cross your arms on your chest. As you turn your body away from the target, keep your bottom against the wall. As you turn through to the finish, roll your bottom along the wall, maintaining contact throughout. It is very important to practise this because it keeps your head in the correct position. Do not listen to people who tell you to keep your head still. If your body works in the swing as it does in the exercise, your head will behave as it should. Now put it all together with a club and say BACK to yourself as you swing back and THROUGH as you swing through.