Steven BannThis is a book written to help you learn to play the great game of golf. In golf, you need to learn how to do some basic things properly before you go out and start playing. We want to you to read this book by yourself and if any parts that you don’t understand, go out, find a professional golfer and ask him or her to explain them.

There are a lot of myths about golf. One of these myths is that it is an exclusive game only for rich people. To find a professional (usually just called ‘the pro’) you need to look only as far as your closest golf course. If there is a sign on the front gate that says MEMBERS ONLY ignore it. Just walk in and find the pro shop.

Introduce yourself and explain your problem. The easiest way is to show the pro the section of the book (or print out) you can’t understand. If he or she (although at the moment most pros are men) is not too busy, he may explain what you need to know on the spot. If he is giving someone a lesson, he might suggest that you come back later. Even if you have to come back the next day, it is worth the wait. The information he will give you will be correct. With My First Golf Book and the help of a pro, you’ll be setting out on a wonderful voyage of discovery – and you’ll be set up to play golf properly for the rest of your life.