Reading and practicing each lesson in MY FIRST GOLF BOOK ONLINE once or twice is not enough to make you a good player. You will have to read and practice every lesson many times until you can do them all without thinking. The models in the illustrations are real people – Erica Moloney, aged nine, and Robert Farley, aged eight. They have done all the lessons but they are not champion golfers. They have a good understanding of the basics and they will get better as they continue to read the book and practice.

The best way to learn is to read the book from beginning to end once and then do the Lesson One on Monday, Lesson Two Tuesday, and so on. This way you will practice all the elements of golf each week and not become, for example, a good hitter but poor putter.

Now read on to the good bits where you actually get to hit some shots. The ideal place to practice with real balls is a driving range or park where golf is allowed. If you can’t get to one of these, use plastic practice balls or just a tee stuck in the ground in your back yard.